What You Should Know Before Going on Vacation

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Are you ready to enjoy your vacation to the fullest? Watch out for bedbugs!

Flying at any time of the year, especially in summer, can be stressful.

While airlines make more and more cuts than we suffer passengers, not so, they suffer bedbugs that travel free.

Unfortunately, these pests do not receive special attention in the media as if they were found in hotel rooms.

Although it is clear that traveling with a bed bug infestation on airplanes is facing a serious problem.

We are likely to check in the suitcase, but also carry hand luggage, which, once installed in the overhead compartment, can become infested with bedbugs through the luggage of another passenger.

Bedbugs do not fly, but they can crawl onto our belongings and hide in the seams of our luggage.

Even these tiny blood-feeding insects could sting us.

I recommend that you do the first inspection and if you see red or black stains on the upholstery feel free to call the airline staff and report your finding.

The airlines have the obligation to keep the different areas of the plane in a perfect state of cleanliness and disinfection with adequate treatments in pest control.

Avoid bringing bed bugs home after vacation

If you think your flight may be infested with bed bugs, I suggest that you do not use the pillow or blankets provided by the airline.

Try to cover the seat with plastics, although it is not foolproof, it will at least help you avoid bites.

Bed bug bites can be very unpleasant and although they do not normally transmit diseases, they can spread Chagas disease if they are infected with the parasite ‘Trypanosoma cruzi’.

The best non-professional pest control that we can perform if we see bedbugs in our belongings is to put everything that is infested in a plastic bag with a hermetic seal.

In fact, you should keep everything contaminated away from the rest of your belongings until they can be washed and dried at high temperatures.

But you should also keep in mind and not assume that the bags are safe.

Remember, there may be more hiding and you may have to deal with an infestation when you get home.

Bedbugs have become in a few years an important pest that can be found in any public place such as airports.

We are specialists in urban pest control if after your trip you need a specialist do not hesitate to call us.

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