What Do the Presence of Roaches Bring to a Business

April 23, 2020 by No Comments

Cockroaches bring losses! Something, nothing good for business.

Cockroach pests are the most common in coffee shops, restaurants, homes …

They only bring economic losses and a bad reputation, not to mention the diseases they transmit like Salmonella, E. coli, or aggravate allergies.

These bugs secrete a substance that stains surfaces and produces bad odors. Faced with an extreme infestation of pests, they even bite.

They prefer to stay hidden and clustered behind the kitchen and bathroom sinks during the day.

Although they may be seen running around from side to side at any time.

Seeing a cockroach glide across the counter or floor is gross, and it’s enough to try to catch up with it, whether it’s with a shoe or an insecticide.

When a business has a severe infestation, it is best to immediately contact pest control experts.

Letting the professionals solve the problem, they can find them not only on your premises but also in other areas of the building.

Cockroach Presence Why do they come into your business?

Like any other animal, roaches have food, heat, humidity, and shelter needs.

Their favorite places are the areas where a large amount of food is stored since they have everything they need.

They can also sneak and hide in the most remote places to lay their eggs.

These insects can travel hidden in boxes or they can sneak into our business through cracks that lead to neighboring infested premises.

Dirty areas, in particular, offer the perfect conditions for a roach infestation.

Let’s avoid the food remains left on the counter or crumbs on the floor at the time of closing the premises, do not accumulate dirty dishes with food remains in the sink, etc.

Let’s check the pipes that leak from the kitchen and bathroom sink.

This pest, unlike others, is not seasonal, we can find it at any time of the year. Which means we must be vigilant.

Any business must carry out maintenance of pest control with disinsection, disinfection, and rodent control programs.

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