This House Is a Ruin!

May 7, 2020 by No Comments

Imagine buying a second-hand house. This can be a process that requires years of savings and effort until you find the perfect place.

But when we buy them, there are certain things that we may not take into account and that can lead to enormous headaches. How to buy a house with unwanted guests.

Before buying the house, we really should do an in-depth review. In this way we will avoid the exclamation: this house is a ruin!

Not only take a look at pipes, roofs, electricity, etc. It is also important to examine behind appliances, cabinets …, in the event that they are included in the property.

In fact, some furniture may stay with you, some chairs, a comfortable sofa, etc. since there is no reason to throw away that furniture if it is in perfect condition and you think you are saving money by not having to buy it.

I understand that you may be eager to get the house ready as soon as possible and settle there, but sometimes “Saving money can be more expensive.”

In my opinion, every owner should include in the sale contract that the property is free of unwanted guests and that it has undergone an urban pest control treatment.

By doing this, we can protect our family and prevent a potential pest infestation from occurring if we don’t want to get caught up in an infestation.

Trapped in a cockroach-infested second-hand house

If you’ve recently bought a home and find a live roach, that’s an indication that there is more.

Since roaches need a temperate and humid environment to thrive, there are many places within a home that provide perfect conditions for their reproduction.

These insects are one of the most common pests that we can find in homes.

I advise you to do a pre-inspection before installing, remove the appliances and check the bathrooms for leaking pipes, etc.

These pests prefer to hide in dark and humid places to leave their hiding places in the night hours in search of food, although it is likely to see them also scamper during the day.

Once in their home, roaches rush to select a hiding place and it’s only a matter of time before they start multiplying. A single female can lay up to 48 eggs enough to produce hundreds of offspring.

Therefore, our recommendation to avoid surprises when buying a used home is to do a thorough review of the property before the purchase.

And before a roach infestation, do not hesitate to go to a professional in pest control.

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