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How do I know if I have rats in my home? Can there be more than one? If we spot a rat, there may be more.

These animals are social creatures by nature and often live in the community. They are very active and leave some signs that can indicate that we have a plague.

Pay attention to any sounds that may indicate that we have rats living with us, excrement, bite marks on doors, or a bad smell.

If you detect these signs, a large rat infestation is likely to inhabit you. Then you must require professional pest control services.

Whether they are black or brown, they like to live, feed and reproduce near people, because they find places in our homes that offer these possibilities.

These rodents can access our homes through small cracks or holes, climb pipes, and even go up the toilet.

If we discover, even if only one, it is best to bring it to the attention of a specialist in rat pest control so that it can find its hiding places, eliminate them and prevent them from returning.

You should not forget that rats are famous for their great reproductive capacity.

Females can go into heat throughout the year. The gestation period is usually about 22 days. Each litter of rats usually has a number between 8 and 12 offspring, although they can reach 24. Some estimates indicate that in a year and a half a pair of rats can have a million offspring.

Living with a plague of rats

As said, because rats reproduce quickly and are more active at night, an entire infestation can develop before a single one is seen.

Therefore, it is best to keep your eyes and ears alert for signs of rat presence.

You may be lucky and only have one in your home. Although realistically, the only way to know if there is only one is to catch it.

If the noise stops and you don’t see any more stool, you can confirm that there was only one.

These little rodents have excellent senses of taste, smell, and touch.

Even though they have poor vision, the truth is that they have a great peripheral vision that allows them to detect movements, so they will not be easily caught.

If you want to solve your rat or mouse problem and do it permanently, you should call a pest control expert who will inspect the entire house.

They will search for their nests, holes where they must have entered, etc., before applying the correct treatment to effectively eliminate their rat pest problem.

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