Life-Saving Rats

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Training of Saving Rats to detect mines! Heroes who give to talk long and hard.

Many articles have been written about rats and their acceptance or not in society.

We’ll keep talking, but not as pesky creatures that need to be eradicated or methods of pest control found.

We will talk about his extraordinary sense of smell to detect problems that can be deadly to humans.

More than 20 years have passed since the entry into force of the Ottawa Treaty, even today, there are countries that are affected.

Mines don’t just kill and maim! They also hinder the work of preparing and maintaining the land for cultivation.

Currently, there are countless ways to detect land mines, one of them is to use giant rats.

Unlike dogs they are faster and less heavy, so they do not detonate mines in case of error.

Plus, they can cover a much wider area in less time.

Saving rats accelerate a mine-free world

– Giant rats that are not distracted if they detect nails or debris –

Experts in sniffing explosives and sniffing the ground all the time almost without stopping.

To carry out this work, each rat is put on a harness connected to a rope held by an expert person.

The person is placed about five meters away from the danger zone.

They move slowly across the field as the rat sniffs inch by inch.

Once the area has been checked, a second rat will go through the same space again to make sure it is mine-free.

Rats returning safe land to rural developing areas, also used for tuberculosis detection.

We are facing challenges, perhaps someday they can be used in the search for people in accidents due to their sense of smell.

Rats that have become heroes, contrary to their sisters, the common sewer rats that continue to be unwanted, and before a community we seek control of the plague and rodent control.

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