Errors in Food Preparation

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Using contaminated utensils or improper cleaning in food preparation can have serious consequences for a restaurant, hotel, hospital, etc.

Food security is not just about making sure the food is in perfect condition.

It must also be ensured that the workspace is safe for food handling and preservation.

With some changes in the way the dishes are prepared, it can help prevent the spread of bacteria and greater control of pantry pests, rats, cockroaches, among others.

Good kitchen practices become habits that decrease the proliferation of pests and pathogens capable of causing diseases in humans and animals.

Otherwise, it is necessary that technicians in pest control carry out disinfection and cleaning of the environment.

Food quality and pest audits

Although small portions of food such as breadcrumbs inevitably fall to the ground, there are those who forget to pick up these tiny bits of food.

This is one of the most frequent mistakes that would prevent unwanted pests from roaming freely around the kitchens, contaminating food, and utensils with their feces and urine.

A bad defrosting of food is another common mistake that gives rise to bacteria, resulting in a significant food risk.

Do not wash the fruits with peel and vegetables before eating or cooking them. The FDA recommends washing all products before cutting or peeling them so that they do not transfer pathogens or pesticides from the skin to the pulp.

Be that as it may, all kitchens in public places need audits that guarantee safe facilities and food processing for people.

For this reason, it is important to take corrective actions to eliminate deficiencies in food safety and quality processes, as well as pest control.

Our professionals know the specific requirements to maintain restaurants, residences, hospitals, catering companies, etc. free of pests and in accordance with food safety standards and regulations.

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