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Mobile app banking has become a staple in the modern-day banking industry. And rightfully so.

A banking app is one of the most client-centric solutions financial institutions in the US have come to accept in years. Having your wallet in the smartphone and the ability to simply tap a smartwatch on a counter while paying for groceries is much handier than cash. Especially with the whole COVID-19 situation surrounding us.

What is the best US banking app then? Oh, there’s more than one!

The Best Mobile Bank Apps in The US

Without further ado, let’s dive a bit deeper into our handy list of fintech solutions designed to make our lives simpler and our shopping experiences more casual:

  • The Bank of America App: This application is a sight for sore eyes of Bank of America clients as it offers a diverse number of features and a lot of neat quality of life improvements. For example, you can access your funds while away from home in a different country with a couple of taps. You can also activate, deactivate, and order replacement cards from the app. That being said, security is where the bank of America app really shines – the verification mechanisms are tight, and in the rare case they are breached, you will not be held liable and are free to apply for refunds of fraudulent mobile banking activities.
    bank of america mobile banking app interface
  • Ally Bank: This is one of the leading mobile banking apps globally. A convenient check deposit, bill payment mechanics, transaction history, ATM locator, and mobile money transfer features establish the Ally Bank as the top contender for the number one mobile bank app in the US. The crisp interface and intuitive navigation serve as an excellent cherry on the icing.
    ally bank banking app interface
  • Charles Schwab App: This is an excellent application for those of you who prefer their money working. The app by a brokerage giant offers access to all of your accounts, a transaction history, and options for trading everything from exchange to stock. You can see live market stats from the app, which helps when it comes to decision making.
    charles schwab banking app interface
  • Capital One: This banking app has the highest customer satisfaction score on our list. It is simple and intuitive when it comes to the interface, and it is quite handy for the times when money is tight. Capital One offers access to loans and credits from the screen of your phone – no visit to a bank required.
    capital one banking app interface
  • Huntington Bank App: This is a newbie on the market coming from a bank that has received its marks in 2019 and has been taking the market by storm ever since. The app offers everything we’ve come to expect from banking solutions with a couple of extra features on top: push notifications, access to balance without logging in, and a 24-hour grace period for accidental overdrafts.
    huntington bank banking app interface

Did we miss anything? Please share the apps you are using today and we’ll make sure to update our lists for everyone’s convenience.

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