Are You Allergic to Chocolate?

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Allergic to chocolate? Allergy to this food is very rare.

Every year millions of people experience allergies of some kind:

  • To some foods
  • To dust
  • Insect bite
  • Pet hair
  • Latex
  • To plants
  • To drugs
  • To mold
  • Even a cockroach allergy …

Sneezing, shortness of breath, cramps, and vomiting are some of the most common symptoms of these allergic reactions.

Many are seasonal, such as those caused by pollen, grasses, etc., their symptoms can be stopped by taking antihistamines or by changing their habits.

Food-related intolerances can affect almost everyone at some point in our lives.

And when we refer to severe food allergies, the only way to prevent a reaction is to avoid those foods to which we are allergic.

But what happens when we are not allergic to cocoa or any other ingredient in chocolate and still cause allergies?

Well, although it may seem unusual, these allergies can be caused by traces of cockroaches.

According to an FDA statement, chocolate, peanut butter, popcorn etc. They are food products that contain insect remains.

Information posted about chocolate on ABC News

In 1959 American allergists pointed out that some food allergies are caused by roach pests .

Side effects include migraines, cramps, itching, or hives.

We would probably have to stop eating chocolate entirely, so as not to consume roaches or other insects native to the cocoa bean.

And it is that, until they become chocolate, the cocoa beans go through different stages: collected, dried, roasted and then ground.

According to the United States government agency responsible for food regulation, these contaminants are safe, and it believes they could be 60% present in every chocolate bar .

Although, there are those who maintain that the most expensive brands of chocolate take additional precautions when separating the insects from the grains, there is no evidence to prove it.

Also, there are those who believe that the solution is to use a higher percentage of pesticides to achieve effective pest control . But the truth is that it would be worse for humans than cockroach allergies.

The truth is, we will never know if our favorite chocolate brand contains traces of insects. Better not to think!

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